About us

Our Story and our Values

Pickle Shack is a leading foodie collective, delivering creative catering and events. You’ll find us at intimate dinner parties, pop-up restaurants, corporate events, weddings, and just about any event you can imagine. We love a good challenge!

Influenced by the Michelin starred restaurants where our chefs trained, Pickle Shack food mixes traditional, local ingredients with modern cooking techniques. Resulting in food with serious flair and style!

We knew from day one that we wanted to make a statement with our commitment to locally sourcing, and this has led us to meet a whole host of brilliant businesses and communities across the South West who are growing, nurturing and creating stunning ingredients. The commitment of these individuals has proven an endless source of inspiration within the Pickle Shack kitchen.

Aside from a few store cupboard essentials (chocolate, coffee, spices and the odd lemon are the main culprits), we use as much as we possibly can from West Country suppliers. This includes meat, fish, vegetables, fruits and the amazing wild ingredients that can be foraged from our hedgerows and fields. If it’s not in season, it’s not on the menu (unless… naturally… it’s pickled!).

Tis’ quite the feat to solely use local, sustainable and ethically sourced produce when catering for the masses, but there is no doubt that it is worth the effort.

Who’s who

Meet the team

As a collective, we possess an unstoppable torrent of energy, enthusiasm and tenacity in equal measures.

Our kitchen team don’t aim for great food – great food is easy. Pickle Shack aims for food that you will talk about for years to come and to use flavour combinations that you have never before experienced.

Our service team don’t aspire for friendly and efficient service; that would be far too average! Pickle Shack aim for unforgettable charisma and flawless service.

When our kitchen team and service team come together for events, the results are magic.


Josh McDonald

Josh has rubbed shoulders and sharpened his knives with some of the UK’s most celebrated chefs. These chefs include Michael Caines MBE, Daniel Clifford and John Campbell, each with 2 Michelin stars to their name.

Learning the fundamentals of classic French cookery with Michael Caines MBE, coupled with time spent in a Devon smokehouse, gives Josh’s cooking a strong backbone of tradition and flavour. More recently, working with modern preparations such as molecular gastronomy and sous vide has given Josh creative confidence and an appetite for innovation.


Darren Jory

Executive Chef Darren likes to keep food miles low, but the same can’t be said for his personal air miles. Having worked his way through a number of globally celebrated kitchens including La Matelote in France and The Oakrooms in London, his cooking style is an irresistible melting-pot of classical and modern gastronomy from around the world.

Darren’s technical ability and his regard for authenticity is present in every dish he creates; visually enchanting and often with a story to tell.

Senior Events Manager

Natalie Richards

With an enduring love for impeccable service and a uniquely calming presence – resulting from her twelve years’ hospitality experience, Natalie can be found at the helm of our event planning and coordination activities. She is an essential part of any event-planning toolkit.

Natalie is responsible for the training and development of our wonderful Front of House team, working tirelessly to ensure your event will be serviced by an efficient, charming and diverse bunch.

If you follow us on social media, Natalie also keeps you updated with the latest exciting developments from Pickle Shack HQ.

Event and Programme Manager

Jodie McDonald

With unbridled enthusiasm and a penchant for problem solving, the events industry was an obvious career choice for Jodie. Having worked on events ranging from international music festivals to glittering award ceremonies, Jodie will expertly translate your event brief into event ecstasy.

Whilst running restaurants in the UK and New Zealand, Jodie learnt the importance of a cohesive team and supplier relationships. Nurturing people-power is always high on Jodie’s agenda.