Awesome Autumn and Winter Weddings

Move over Spring and Summer,  Autumn and Winter weddings; it’s your time to shine!

We’ve gathered comments from a host of South West Wedding Industry suppliers to share the joy in the shift from Spring and Summer to Autumn and Winter. And do you know what, EVERY response received started with some variation of “we LOVE Autumn and Winter Weddings”. Have a browse and get inspired for your awesome Autumn and Winter wedding.

Photo Credits: Clare Kinchin Photography  to see more awesome snaps from this wedding, check out this blog post from Love My Dress

Emma Hewlett Floral Design 

Personally I love an Autumn and Winter wedding! I think its the richness of the colours available. It allows you to think outside the box with your wedding flowers and create something really unique and different.

For example, I love the use of branches and greenery to create installation pieces with a difference. Or, think bridal bouquets filled with gold tones in the autumn and rich burgundy and berries for a winter wedding.

Flowers By Sophie Millington

I love Autumn and Winter weddings!. Some of the very best flowers are around in late Summer and Autumn. The warmth of colour that it brings can transform the overall look of the day. The low light of Autumn and Winter can be just perfect for those more atmospheric shots of you with your flowers.

For a winter wedding, a lovely idea would be to have evergreen wreaths as table centres. These could be given away as festive gifts to your family and friends to be enjoyed over Christmas. There is a certain magic to an Autumn or Winter wedding, especially if you get to incorporate candles into your floral designs.

Amber Persia

When thinking florals, I would suggest adding a little warmth to colour palettes for autumn and winter weddings. Say you had been planning for flowers in soft blush tones for a spring or summer wedding you could perhaps add in accents of beautiful marsala and rich burgundy tones to introduce that warmth. Creating a palette that is romantic and feminine, yet with depth!

These rich shades of burgundy, plum and marsala are particularly bountiful in autumn. Scrumptious dahlias – for example ‘Arabian Night’, ‘Chat Noir’, ‘Karma Choco’ and ‘Jowey Mirella’ – chocolate cosmos and statement amaryllis. There’s also richly coloured foliage such as smoke bush, corylus, weigela and Physocarpus opulifolius ‘Diabolo’. Seed pods, grasses and berries can also introduce layers of interest and wonderful textures. These add to the autumnal feel together with seasonal fruit and berries such as plums, Red Bartlett pears, and figs.

If you had a classic white palette in mind then consider the inclusion of soft creams, taupes and neutrals tones. This will create a sophisticated and warm palette. Or, for the more adventurous among you, consider golden saffron and mustard hues. Possibly even the inclusion of a bold splash of toffee or burnt Sienna! For a contemporary look I would suggest pairing these colours with crisp linens, refined glassware and porcelain candle holders. For example Catipol cutlery in matt white and brushed gold, together with dried grasses and seed pods such as phalaris grass, fluffy reed grass, dried broom bloom, oats, phalaris and honesty.

Or for a natural and earthly look I suggest pairing with wood, natural linens, handmade papers, sumptuous velvet and aged terracotta and earthenware vessels together with beeswax candles.
Candlelight is something we personally think no celebration should be without no matter the time of year, but particularly for autumn and winter weddings.

When the days are drawing in you want to create a warm and inviting vista. Candlelight has the ability to transform a room or space, setting the scene and casting that soft and romantic hue within. So whether you’re thinking about your ceremony, or your wedding tables, we would always suggest candlelight should play a part. Church windowsills laden with a mass of pilar candles, lanterns lining pathways, staircases or steps guiding guests to the reception, or elegant taper candles or delicate votives for the dining tables.

That leads us nicely into scent! Something so often overlooked but scent has the ability to transport you back to a time and place. What better way to make your celebration memorable than with the power of scent? With autumn and winter in wind, scented flowers are slightly thinner on the ground. So, perhaps opt for scented candles instead! Scents for the heart of winter are those warm fragrances such as orange, clove, cinnamon and frankincense. For autumn I would suggest slightly more woody fragrances such as cypress, sandalwood, cedar or Peruvian balsam.

It doesn’t just have to be candles, mist table linens, napkins or order of services with scent. Or indeed spritz your invitations before slipping them into the envelopes – you won’t believe how many comments you’ll get as it feels so special! But just remember scent is one of those things where less is more. Your aim is to create a beautiful subtle fragrance but you don’t want it to be overpowering, particularly when food is being served.

Glas Collection

Autumn is my favourite time of year. I love the depth of colour and the range of tones you see throughout September and October from the trees to the skylines. I love chunky knits, fur wraps, and crackling fires, whilst still being able to enjoy the warmth of the autumn sun.

Our hire range is based around merging the industrial and natural world, using natural and reclaimed materials. The two are a perfect accompaniment to offset any autumn or winter event. For example, as metals are left to weather they turn a beautiful burnt orange which mirrors this time of year perfectly.

Autumn to me feels like home! It’s full of long walks, followed by hot chocolate, good coffee, or a cup of tea. Homemade cakes, warm bread and wellie boots. Movie nights and red wine. Its everything I love rolled into a season.

Knots and Kisses

I absolutely love Autumn Winter weddings! The time of year and the colours available give you a much richer, warmer palette to choose from with everything. From beautiful burnt orange and terracotta tones – which work amazingly with the current trend for dried flowers and earthenware – to gorgeous rich plums, navies and burgundies which always look so lush.

These colour schemes also allow you to really explore textures more, adding in tweeds, wools and velvets. Styling schemes always look so much better when there is lots of ‘layering’. So an Autumn Winter wedding gives you the opportunity to really layer textures. And of course there’s the added option of baskets of blankets, toasting marshmallows and hot chocolate bars!

Edible Essence

Earlier darker evenings create beautiful candlelit dinners with cosy crackling fires in grand manor houses.

Stunning autumnal sunsets and rich fall colours create a beautiful contrast combing summer blush and pale rose. Warm shawls and capes, hot chocolate stands, toasted marshmallows, s’mores, sparklers and firework displays.

Dancing in the dark and not in daylight creates a much better atmosphere. I do LOVE a winter wedding.

Upton Barn and Walled Garden

Autumn and Winter Weddings are becoming increasingly popular with our couples. Last year we had just as many October weddings as we did in May! It’s often a time of year that is also more popular for your guests too as it avoids the summer holiday season and accommodation is more affordable.

We love Autumn as it’s one of the most beautiful seasons. The countryside is ablaze with the most vibrant red, oranges and yellows. It often enjoys the tail end of the summer weather too with blue skies and warmer days meaning the gardens are perfect for games and enjoying drinks and canapés.

The Winter months bring their own excitement! There’s something magical in that feeling when its cold and frosty outside, but you’re warm and toasty inside with the log burner giving off a warm glow. The romantic fairy lights twinkling inside the barn are beautifully atmospheric. Huddling around the fire pits with the ones you love the most, toasting marshmallows, lighting sparklers and appreciating the stunning starry Devon sky at night.

There really is no bad time of year to get married. Its all about the memories you are creating with your partner, your friends and your family. When you look back at your photos in years to come you will remember the smiles, the people, the speeches, the dancing, the fun and most of all the LOVE on that special day that you said your vows to your loved one.

Pynes House

We love Autumn and Winter weddings!

In many ways the house really comes into its own, with open fires to cosy up in front of.  The pressure of worrying about the weather is taken away, so couples really have chance to make the most of the venue interior.

Couples are more likely to plan to have their drinks reception in the State rooms in the house. Keeping the party indoors means that you get an incredible buzz and atmosphere in the house.  If the weather is good enough to get outside then this is a happy bonus and the staggering grounds are as alive with natural colour in Autumn as they are in Summer.

Florals in photos: Folly Lane Flowers.

Stationery in photos: Harriet De Winton.

Venue in photos: Coombe Trenchard.

By Rose Harvey