Back to Basics: Wedding Food Options

Wedding guests can’t wait to see your carefully selected button holes or who breaks into tears first, but even more exciting… what you’re going to feed them!

Wedding food should be vibrant, delicious and most of all, personal. Pickle Shack’s Wedding Food Menu offers dishes to fit any foodie theme from classic to completely wild.

The first thing to decide is how the plates will hit the table. We’ve listed some options to help you choose the most inspiring presentation for your chosen.


Artistically plated and individually presented to each guest, this option can be the ultimate expression of elegance on your big day! The food on the plate can be as vibrant and original as you like and your guests get true VIP treatment.

This style of service is generally the most time efficient, so it’s perfect if your timings are tight or if you want to maximise time for dancing! For larger weddings, say 110 or more guests, we do usually recommend that at least one course is sharing style though, as this helps balance the time it takes to serve plated dishes to a larger party.

Consider whether you would like to offer your guests pre-order menu or surprise them with a set menu. Check out our ‘To Pre or Not To Pre‘ blog post where we discuss the pros and cons of each.

Sharing Style Feast

For an interactive dining experience, opt for a lavish sharing style feast! There’s nothing more satisfying than a dining room of happy, hungry guests digging into fun and informal fare. See your guests tear fresh baked breads to dip in heavenly melted camembert, pile their plates full of hot sugared donuts, and heap helpings of delicious sides onto their plates.

Platters of beautiful food can be designed to accentuate your theme and add character to your table. However, if you’re a floral enthusiast or a DIY centrepiece connoisseur this style of dish might not leave much room for your chosen creations.

Sharing style will take longer for your guests to polish off. To ensure a well paced service we typically recommend that at least one of your three courses should be plated.

Part Plated, Part Sharing

For a main course that will have your wedding Instagram hashtag bursting with foodie pics, we love part plated, part sharing.

This style of service plates the crucial parts of your main course, garnished to perfection for restaurant quality presentation. Whilst the accompanying side dishes are served sharing style for family feasting vibes.

Our Pickle Shack prediction is that this approach will become increasingly popular.

Buffet Bonanza

We’re not talking a sea of cold, beige and tasteless morsels!

A wedding buffet should be bright and bold with a generous variety of dishes. Colourful salads, sumptuous sides, tantalizing tagines, extravagant BBQs – any initial idea can inspire a sensational selection. The best part… seconds.

Buffet style service requires clever ushering to avoid hungry queues so consider the layout of your venue before selecting this option.

Buffet spreads are often associated with budget catering. However, it’s worth noting that to make a banging buffet, you need variety. This may require more food than other types of service.

Mix and Match

You can have your cake and eat it too, after all it’s your big day! If an elegant plated starter, hearty sharing style main and decadent late night dessert buffet sounds right up your street then there’s no need to feel confined to just one option!

Have a read of our Wedding Food Menu to tantalize the taste-buds.

By Rose Harvey