How to get your Wedding Food Right

Along with your venue, wedding catering is likely to be one of the biggest costs of your wedding day

Wedding food provides the back bone of your celebrations, marking the transition between the ceremony to the reception and into the evening.

With so many options for wedding food, contacting caterers and choosing your menu may feel like a daunting process, but we believe there is just one decision you need to make to be well on your way to gastronomic glee!

Before you begin planning your wedding food, take time to decide what – aside from the obvious, your truly beloved! – is the most crucial aspect of your Big Day.

We have outlined below some of the most common answers to this question, and how these answers can influence your wedding food choices. If the answer to this question is the food itself, get in touch immediately; we will bring your spectacular feast to life!

A: My venue

For most, the venue is the first point of call when planning a dream wedding. You want your guests to fall in love with your venue in the same way you did on your first visit, which is why it is important that your wedding food compliments your venue.

For example, is your venue an impressive stately home, such as the breathtaking Pynes House? Consider an elegant, plated, three or four course affair. Is your venue a charming rural barn conversion, such as the utterly stunning Upton Barn & Walled Garden? Generous and beautiful sharing platters celebrating the rural surrounds would work perfectly. Alternatively, to compliment a laid back and bohemian venue such as Hayne Devon, vibrant ingredients will ensure a memorable meal; creative food is our bag afterall!

The logistics of your venue’s kitchen facilities will also play a huge part in ensuring your wedding food is as seamless as can be. Contact us to discuss your chosen venue in more detail.

A: My theme

If Pinterest boards have become central in your wedding planning, chances are you’re one for the finer details. Beautiful flowers, colour palettes, table decorations and venue styling can be pivotal in achieving the right tone.

If you have grand plans for your table decorations, consider plated food rather than sharing style as room on the table may be at a premium. Tell us if you want to run any themes through the menu, for example particular colour touches or crockery styles.

A: My friends and family

It’s quite normal to consider all of your guest’s tastes and preferences when planning your wedding food, and whilst this is admirable, it is an extremely difficult way to design your menu.

Your wedding party will inevitably contain a mixed bag of dietary preferences and expectations. Some guests will be food-traditionalists, whilst others will be adventurous foodies.

The antidote for this is to be a little bit selfish! Design your menu based on what you enjoy eating and our Michelin trained chefs will take care of the rest. Even the fussiest of eaters will be won over by expertly prepared, quality local produce.

We will of course provide alternatives for any guests with dietary requirements or food allergies at no additional charge, and will happily provide children with a simpler alternative, if required, at a reduced cost.

A: My budget

Of course! The big one! Anyone planning a wedding will be working to a budget, and however large or small your budget is, the key thing to remember is value for money.

There will always be caterers whose prices are lower or caterers who are wildly more expensive, but take into account the whole package before you decide who offers you the best value for money.

Consider all aspects of your catering quotes: The prestige of your caterers food, their reputation and relationship with your venue, the quality of ingredients they intend to use, how many wait staff do they intend on providing, what level of interaction and service will they provide ahead of your wedding day and will you need to hire anything in addition to the quote they have provided.

Hopefully this article has given you some food for thought. For more inspiration, get in touch and we will happily talk through your options with you.

By Jodie Sawatzki