At Pickle Shack, we make lots of different breads, but our take on rye bread was an early favourite among the shacksters, quickly rising to the top of the bread board.

Purists will say its not a real rye bread because its not pure rye. We trialed this recipe many times and found that the version featured here has the best structure and most incredible flavour! The blend of flours helps to keep it a fairly light loaf good for any occasion.

Not many of us make the time to regularly home-bake bread, but once you’ve got your head around the recipe and method it’s a brilliant go-to skill to have mastered. The mouth watering smell of bread baking is worth it alone.

This is a truly versatile loaf, perfect for showing off on special occasions and a great choice for every day use too. In our opinion, it’s the best thing since sliced bread! In fact, it’s a pretty big deal that we’re giving away the recipe.

Rye Bread with Red Cabbage Butter