Sardines are a fantastic fish to use throughout the winter and spring time. They are cheap, absolutely delicious and incredibly plentiful. Being plentiful means its super sustainable, as long as you buy it locally. Read our Pickle Shack Masterclass for more info on sustainable fish.

This recipe of ‘Sardine tart with a buttered seaweed salad’ is relatively easy, but sourcing the seaweed takes a bit of thought. Going out to pick your own is obviously the best way to get your hands on the good stuff. Just remember that if you are going to pick wild plants, be safe, legal and gentle on the environment. ‘Edible Seashore: River Cottage Handbook No.5’ is a great book to give you the confidence to know what your picking by the sea.

The seaweed I have used here was a mixture of Dulse and Kelp but almost any edible seaweeds could work in their place.