Stinging nettles are a flavourful, frugal and nutritious ingredient, and are probably in your garden right now.

Nettles are at their best during spring. You can still pick them throughout the summer, but choose the young, fresh shoots.

You can cook this delicious ingredient in the same way you would spinach. Wilting in a little butter and salt is enough to transform it, but with a bit more effort there are endless opportunities to get this green superfood into your diet. Try blending it into a purée and adding it to the base of your homemade mayonnaise, stir into a béchamel sauce for an upgrade on parsley sauce or even mix into your Sunday lunch stuffing balls for a wild twist on a family favourite.

This recipe is a doddle to make, and there are plenty of ways you can make it your own. I paired my plate with St Georges mushrooms, spring onions and Calendula petals for a celebration of spring! If you’re short on time adding your gnocchi to a creamy sauce with a grating of hard cheese would make a quick and delicious dinner.