Wild Duck is a great starting point for anybody who wants to sample the delights that game season brings every Autumn. It’s a little less fatty than farmed duck and has a really incredible flavour.

Mallard is the largest and most common of the wild ducks and certainly the easiest to source. Teal and Widgeon are most definitely worth a try if you come across them.

All wild ducks are best eaten rare with the juices running. Because of the low fat content they will very easily dry out if overcooked.

If this really is your first foray into game then don’t stop at duck! There are some really amazing meats to sample. I would thoroughly recommend trying Grouse, Snipe and Partridge. Your local butcher will almost certainly have a good selection of local game but if not I am sure they will be able to source it for you if you ask them nicely.

This kimchi recipe is best enjoyed when left to ripen for at least 5 days and can then mature in the fridge for another week. So consider prepping it nice and early.

We first shared this dish with the very talented folk over at the ‘Grow Eat Gather‘ Blog last Autumn. We loved their picture of it so much that we wanted to share it again this year. There is also a little interview with me on their website if you fancy checking it out www.groweatgather.co.uk.