This yoghurt terrine is an awesome spring recipe featuring one of our favourite seasonal ingredients; rhubarb.

The yoghurt terrine stands alone as a delicious sweet treat, or you can dress it up with all sorts of complementary garnishes. It’s wonderfully creamy but light enough to end any meal!

For a perfect spring dinner party dessert combine every element we’ve suggested. Each section is really easy to follow so don’t get put off by the multiple elements!

The toasted salted oats are an easy and super tasty way to add texture and flavour to any sweet or savoury dish. So pop this recipe in your repertoire as a simple addition to garnish dishes for every season. Experiment by adding your favourite nuts and seeds into the mix to compliment the dish you are garnishing.

The pop of green from the Sweet Cicely sugar looks stunning with the rhubarb pink and would look equally as pretty with other seasonal roasted fruits and purées. So why not get creative and try replicating the purée recipe with other seasonal fruits throughout the year.

We’ve also served delightful cubes of yoghurt terrine with dots of purée as sweet canapés. A simple but impressive addition to your dinner party!

Don’t forget to source some edible flowers for the ultimate finishing touch.

It’s best to talk to Jan from Maddocks Farm about what’s in season when you come to make your dessert.

Yogurt Terrine