Wedding Food Fun For Your Miniature Guests

If you or your family and friends come with their own miniature versions, then you’ll probably be looking to offer your younger wedding guests some child friendly eats.

Pickle Shack considers every dish we serve to be as important as the next, whether that be the adult plates, dietary alternatives or children’s meals.

Click here to read our Wedding Food Options post for some inspiration on how to serve your wedding food. It might help you to decide how, when and what to feed your youngest guests.


Job number one is to choose who gets the kids menu and who’s being upgraded to the adults table. Generally, kids aged 12 years plus will crave grown up meals.

With all the exciting distractions that a wedding day brings, keeping the kids (let alone the adults) from sliding across the dance floor during the wedding breakfast could be a challenge. Fidgeting bums might not sit still for a three course meal, so consider offering them fewer courses than the adults.

If you’re only inviting a handful of children to your big day, then simply dropping the starter and offering a child friendly main course and dessert might be all it takes to get things right.

However, if you’ve got lots of little ones to contend with then you will also need to think about the following factors.

Can they be seated together in a “kids zone”?

A separate children’s area, or designated kids’ tables, can work really well if your venue is spacious enough. A “kids zone” will allow meals to served and cleared super seamlessly and at separate times to the adults. Try serving your kids’ mains during the adult starters and kids’ desserts during adult mains.

Bubbling oil and sharp knives don’t mix particularly well with excitable children! Wherever possible, position the “kids zone” far away from the kitchen or catering tent.

Do they need parental supervision?

Toddlers may need to be seated with their parents rather than in the kid’s zone. Consider whether you will need to provide these youngsters with high chairs when creating your table plan.

A separate sharing style kids’ menu might not be suitable for the children sitting with their parents. However, their dishes can still be served and cleared at different times to the adults.

Do you need children’s entertainment?

Schedule the kids’ meals to finish earlier than the adults, then whisk them off for a children’s disco, magician or movie screening. This will give parents a chance to relax and enjoy their desserts, your toasts, and the speeches.

You may also want to consider entertainment for the kids during your canapé reception. Put together a DIY kids pack with bubble wands, colouring gear, simple garden games, snacks etc.

If you are keen to have the kids seated for the duration of the wedding breakfast, supply books or puzzle packs at their place-setting. Or, cave to the digital age and pre-warn parents to bring iPads and headphones for their kids.


Kids meals should come with lower price tag but still be packed full of just as much flavour and fun. They taste with their eyes so we recommend a kid’s menu chock full of vibrant colours and creative takes on familiar favourites.


If you choose to offer your younger guests an appetiser, your options are wide open. A petite version of your adult starter or a light and healthy alternative fit for tiny tummies might do the trick.

Alternatively you could offer a finger-food style snack served during your canape reception. Tasty garlic bread strips or simple crudités go down a treat!

Main Course

Nothing beats a mini burger made with beautiful local beef or tender chicken bound in a freshly baked bun, tinted with natural colourings such as beetroot. A dollop of our yummy apple ketchup adds a final touch of Pickle Shack flair!

Freshly made pasta makes a wholesome option, perfect for sharing if you’re seating them all together. Pork chipolatas and creamy mash potato is another guaranteed winner. Or a fun filled picnic style feast featuring finger sandwiches, sausage rolls, vegetable crisps and fresh baked cookies.


Dessert is where you can truly grab children’s attention. Think about every exciting childhood treat you ever enjoyed, from candy floss to birthday cake. We’ll spin it into an indulgent treat that will vanish from their plates like magic.


Don’t accept processed alternatives for the kids menu. We only use local, high quality produce – including the kids’ food.

Amendments can be made if your younger guests have allergies or special dietary requirements. With Pickle Shack, there is no additional cost for this.

Most caterers wont charge for babes in arms. We can provide cutlery and an empty plate if they are likely to eat from their parent’s portions.

We love a wedding with characterful kids and are always happy to work around the appetites of your youngest friends and family.

By Rose Harvey